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Square Business Card;

Our company do you want to complete your difference with the business card you gave ? Check out our custom cut, Embossed Lacquer, Gold & Silver Gilded business card samples.


Since mass production is made for orders of 1000 or more the production process is long and the cost is appropriate.

There may be + - 10% color difference between the works produced at different times and our production due to the difference in the printing machine.

Do not compare with specially produced business cards.

Please contact us for extra-colored custom-made business cards.

Square Business Card

    • 85x52 mm in size
    • Front-Back Printed
    • 350 gr Coated Cardboard ( Urgent Production )
    • 700 gr Coated Plaster ( Normal Production )
    • Square Business Card
    • Urgent Production ; 100 and 250 pcs. Production process two (2) business days from design approval 
    • Normal Production; For multiples of 1000 ve . Production process from design approval average seven (7) business days.
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