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Digital Printed Custom Cut Flyer;

According to the selected shape, flyers are produced with special cuts.

It is printed on 135 - 170 - 200 gr glossy paper with high quality printing technique, single or double sided. It is an economical option as it is printed in small quantities. Product price; It is given in A5 ( 140x200 mm ) preposition. Please contact for other sizes and quantities.


There may be + - 10% color difference between the works produced at different times and our production due to the difference in the printing machine.

Please contact us for extra color special production brochures.

Digital Printing Custom Cut Flyer

    • A7 - A6 - A5 - A4 Sizes
    • Price; Given for A5 (14x20cm).
    • Front-Back Printed
    • 135 - 170 - 200 gr Coated Paper
    • Digital Print Flyer - Brochure
    • Production process two (2) business days from design approval 
    • Production process for 1000 or 2000 adet brochures  seven business days from design approval_cc781905_mediumbbcde58-3194
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